The Oluwayemisi Obashoro Foundation (OLOF) is the brain child of a prominent member of the Adult Education Department, University of Lagos (Prof Yemisi Obashoro-John) as service to the community.

It is a not-for-profit organization that is self-funded along with donations from other well minded people.  Caring for older persons is one of the fundamental pillars of the Department and she is very passionate about catering for the neglected, deprived and less cared for, especially older persons in the society, both male and female.

These people are more vulnerable because of the impact of ageing and need for more attention which many may not be privileged to have.  The Foundation’s vision is borne out of the desire to lighten the burden of ageing in Nigeria.  OLOF has been in existence for over a decade and has worked tirelessly with several Associations for old people in Lagos State.  One of the activities of the Foundation is to hold an annual Lecture where pertinent current topics on ageing and caring for older persons are discussed.

It also serves as avenue to present her Newsletter containing more useful information on ageing. The Lecture is always scheduled for the first week in September to coincide with her birthday.   Other activities include organizing outdoor picnics, assisting the lonely senior citizens by providing basic healthcare and other beneficial activities.

The Foundation delights in the pragmatic application of the philosophy of Adult Education.  It is a Foundation ready to network with capable individuals, NGOs, the government and international organizations to advance the welfare of senior citizens.  Donations are always welcome.  We are very proud of her initiative and the Foundation is fully supported by the Department.

Please contact the Departmental liaison officer Mr Oyekunle Yinusa on 07084959371 for more information.

The pictures here were taken during this year’s Annual Lecture on the 4th of September, 2018: